What is The Review Cycle?

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So what IS The Review Cycle? It is a 4-step model of decision making. Such decisions include everything from what we buy and where we eat to what doctor we use and where we apply for jobs. I named the book after this model.  

Unlike traditional sales models that are linear in nature,

…The Review Cycle accounts for the cyclical nature of decision making.

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Here’s what it looks like

Whether deciding what to buy, where to eat or what job to apply for, we as consumers start in phase 1. Consideration. We consider making a decision and explore the options.

When we find one option of interest, we go to phase 2 and engage with OGC (organizational generated content). This is a company’s website, a product listing or employer profile. It’s content you as a business created.

If that looks good, we progress to phase 3 and validate our decision with UGC (user generated content). This is online reviews, Q&A’s, social media posts from influencers, unboxing videos, and any content other consumers share.

Feeling good with the opinions of the online community, you buy the product, go to the restaurant or apply to the job. You make your decision and enter the 4th phase, post-decision. The lived experience you have with the product, brand or employer directly impacts the next related decision when you enter phase one again.


Seems intuitive right? But how does this help you fortify your reputation, drive sales and create better experiences?

It doesn’t.

Unless you act. 

In my research, I’ve uncovered the elements of influence you can have on each of these behaviors to: engineer better experiences and drive sales. These are the proven steps to master your online reviews.

It seems backwards, and it is on purpose, but you start with phase 4: Ask for reviews.

To fuel every element of The Review Cycle, you first collect reviews and this coincides with the post-decision phase. Chapter 3 has specific tips for collecting more reviews and achieving better ratings.

Once you start collecting reviews, you want to respond to them. This showcases the high level of care you have for your customers and directly increases purchase intent. I’ve personally responded to over 5,000 reviews and in chapter 4 of my book, I share proven ways to approach this unique showcased communication.

With many reviews now coming in, you want to harvest insights from what customers have shared. This data can be used to reverse-engineer better customer experiences and marketing messages. Chapter 5 teaches you all about qualitative and quantitative data analysis for your reviews.

With all downstream touchpoints optimized, your last element of influence is marketing with reviews. Studies have shown ads with reviews convert better at lower costs. Why? Because consumers influence consumers more than you can. In chapter 6 you’ll learn to strategically identify the right reviews to use in marketing to supercharge your sales.

Launching The Review Cycle will build momentum for your reputation and your business. Using The Review Cycle consistently over time will maintain your reputation, sales and customer satisfaction at the highest equilibrium possible.

The book has 6 chapters. 2 chapters of foundational knowledge and one chapter dedicated to each of the 4 phases of The Review Cycle. Each chapter has carefully thought out subsections, first hand stories and research backed principles. The chapter summaries will also help you recall key points as you develop your own action items for your business.

Uncover your potential with optimized reviews. Get started today with The Review Cycle.

Matt R. Vance
Author, The Review Cycle

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