Master your product employee hotel restaurant reviews.

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Collect more reviews, ethically.

Respond to reviews, strategically.

Harvest review insights, reliably.

Market with reviews, seamlessly.

So you can:

Grow your business

Create better experiences for customers and employees

Stand out online

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A message from Matt R. Vance

📖 Author of The Review Cycle

🤓 Social Innovator

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Subject: Your Ratings & Reviews

Hey friend!|Hey Brand Manager!|Hey HR Leader!|Hey Business Owner!

It only takes a few clicks (or swipes of a thumb) for people to form an opinion about your business. And that translates to… 

…gained or lost sales.

…gained or lost followers of your brand.

…gained or lost job applicants. 

Whether it is reviews on Google and Yelp for local retail, Amazon and for products, or Glassdoor and Comparably for employers, online reviews matter. Stars precede dollars. Reviews are the currency of online success. 

Your star rating and total number of reviews instantly shape perceptions and reinforce a purchase, or cost you a sale.

😈 Negative reviews can damage your business 📉

🛒Product sales

⚠️Sales can cut in half on Amazon when ratings drop from 4.3 to 4.2-stars (CITATION).

⚠️Most consumers won’t engage with a product with less than 3.3-stars. (CITATION).


🏬 Local business

⚠️1 negative Yelp review can cost you 30 customers (CITATION).

⚠️49% of consumers need at least a four-star rating before they choose to use a business (CITATION).


💼 Employers

⚠️1 in 3 declined job offers in the U.S. are influenced by negative employer reviews (CITATION).

⚠️57% of job candidates avoid companies with negative employer reviews (CITATION)

👉 Your online reputation exists 👈

If you acknowledge it or not.

If you care about it or not.

If you manage it or not.

That’s why it’s crucial to protect your online reputation.

🎰 Don’t leave your success to chance 🎲

Use The Review Cycle to optimize your reputation and online reviews for –

ANY product listing 🛒

ANY business profile 🏬

ANY employer site 💼

Having a proactive plan to foster a healthy online reputation in an authentic and genuine way leads to extremely positive outcomes.

😇 Optimized reviews can grow your business 📈

🛒 Product sales

97% of shoppers are influenced by customer reviews (CITATION).

Sales can double on Amazon when ratings increase from 4.2 to 4.3-stars (CITATION).

Sales increase by 44% when increasing from zero to two hundred product reviews (CITATION).

🏬 Local business

Eight of 10 shoppers visit review sites, like Yelp or Google, before visiting a local business (CITATION).

Guests will pay 35% more for a hotel with a 4.4-rating on Tripadvisor over a 3.9-rating (CITATION).

A one-star increase in Yelp rating leads to a 5-9% revenue increase (CITATION).

💼 Employers

92% of working Americans consider employee reviews when deciding to apply for a job (CITATION).

Candidates are 6X more likely to move for a job based on culture than a $10K pay increase (CITATION)

I’ve spent the last decade fine tuning this approach while managing online reviews across the largest platforms including Amazon, Google, Glassdoor and dozens more.

Using these 4 steps I have:

🛒 Product sales

Optimized reviews for products that became #1 category best-sellers on Amazon and

🏬 Local business 

Driven brand reviews to 4 and ½ stars across sites like Google and Consumer Affairs.

💼 Employers

Won best place to work awards with employee reviews on Glassdoor and Comparably.

The Review Cycle model works and has been thoroughly tested in a wide variety of industries, at small start-ups and with global corporations 

…And it can work for YOU!

 If you have questions for me, message me on LinkedIn. Happy to help.

Matt R. Vance
Author, The Review Cycle

What others are saying about The Review Cycle

What might have been boring research, Matt transforms into well-explained and even entertaining chapters that ease the reader in to his expertise. After harnessing user-generated content to ethically benefit business for years, he presents his experience using graphs, illustration, and creative story. Any business would profit by implementing his strategies.

Danielle Palmer

Employee and Consumer Feedback Specialist, iFIT

Matt has nailed an industry proven Review Cycle formula which will provide systematic and rapid benefits to the bottom line. Every organization should immediately put these principles and processes into practice and realize measurable increases in product satisfaction and significant increases in profits!

Roy Rasband

Owner/Chief Technology Officer, BlueStep Systems

Matt is the perfect person to write this book. He has his pulse on where reviews can help drive business results whether through employer branding mechanisms and hiring or sales driven avenues. Matt has developed a great system and approach while always trying to learn how he gets better and shares that knowledge without hesitation in this book.

Mike Sheridan

COO, Comparably

In today’s competitive consumer and talent markets, managing your online reviews is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s key to survival. The Review Cycle is the kind of comprehensive resource all businesses need at their fingertips.

Ursula Mead

Co-founder and CEO, InHerSight

As the founder and CEO of a startup consumer product company, this book is exactly the kind of guide we needed to understand the world of reviews and the effects they have on our success. The 3QPD (cupid) rule seems so obvious, but in looking back at our responses as a company, we were falling short. This book not only has great ideas but is backed by thorough analysis of the world of reviews. I highly recommend this book to anyone who cares about your business’s reputation.

Stephen Colvin

CEO, Bobelo

Reviews are one of the major factors of why people decide to engage with a product, service, employment, app, movie.. Product managers, employers, app developers and anyone dealing with customers, needs to understand the enormous value of consumer feedback and how it impacts everything from sales to employment. The “The Review Cycle” framework is a really exciting, unique way to visualize, understand and benchmark the customer’s engagement journey. 

Julius Kurushko

Strategy Director,

In just six weeks we’ve improved certain online review metrics by better than 50% thanks to the application of a few of Matt’s simple strategies. When it comes to reviews and brand reputation, Matt may just be the top authority. Simply put, his recommendations work.

Sean Kelly

CEO, Caroo

The review cycle clearly demonstrates how reviews can change how a product is viewed and change how we think. It does it in a simple fun way that doesn’t require a marketing degree to understand . I would highly recommend to anyone interested in improving their reviews or wanting understand product reviews as a consumer.

Thayne Williams

Software QA engineer, iFit Health and Fitness

Great book encapsulating all the key elements to understanding reviews, how to respond and when.

The Review Cycle demonstrates Matt’s mastery of building both a product-brand and employer-brand reviews program. The playbook now exists. Do yourself a favor and give it a read. And then read it again. Your bottom line will thank you.

Jill Helander

Human Resources Generalist - Benefits & Compliance, Medela LLC

Matt does a fine job of qualifying and quantifying the power of customer reviews. From engagement with the reviewer to measurement of the results, this book provides a well-rounded view of this dynamic stream of influence.

Paul Kirwin

CEO, Channel Signal

Matt Vance is a master of managing online reviews. He has significantly raised the average rating for several large corporations and can do it for you as well. I have not met anyone who knows this topic better than Matt. Read his book, apply what you learn, and watch your ratings and sales improve. This book is essential reading for all business owners.

Michael Glauser

Executive Director, Center for Entrepreneurship, Huntsman School of Business, Utah State University

Matt Vance is one of the great review management leaders of this century. His knowledge comes from years of working in the trenches driving business growth by means of reviews. In Review Cycle he provides in depth actionable insights that will instantly increase sales and customer satisfaction in any business. Any small business owner could directly impact their bottom line by simply implementing a fraction of the suggestions in this book. It has completely changed my view on the importance of reviews.

Isaac Parkinson

CEO, Skin Grip

Matt is an expert when it comes to effective strategies for online reviews. He has built strong, review based profiles for multiple companies that has helped increase revenue and employee retention. In a tight labor market, a strong online rating from your employees is critical to attracting top talent.

Jeremy Winn

Account Executive, Denik

The Review Cycle takes a deep dive into every aspect of review management. The tried-and-tested principles, compelling case studies, and step-by-step action items make this an incredible resource for anyone wanting to implement or improve their online reputation.

Jaimee Marlette

Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant, Marlette Marketing