Meet The Author: Matt R. Vance

Hi! I’m Matt. 

I’m a social innovator. I engineer better experiences using online reviews.  

As the Co-Founder & CEO of Mobrium, I lead a 100% remote team helping companies win Glassdoor, Indeed and more with our proven employer reputation program. I’m also a Co-Host of The Culture Profit podcast with my wife Crista. We interview HR pros, executives and founders about company culture topics. Sometimes people ask me to speak at events, provide corporate training and collaborate on research. It’s fun. And you already knew I’m the author of The Review Cycle.  

Some people think my work is cool, which I think is cool. Utah Business, Comparably, The Stevie Awards and others have been kind enough to name me as an honoree of various awards. 

Check out some resources about me below and let’s connect!

Oh and here’s a few of my favorite podcast interviews I’ve done. Enjoy!

Happier at Work Podcast® – 183: Navigating Employee Feedback for Positive Change with Matt R. Vance

    • How The Review Cycle applies for HR leaders with employee reviews.
    • Differences and similarities of internal and external employee feedback.

Relationships at Work Podcast – Leadership Mindset Guide for Creating a Company Culture We Love

  • How to apply The Review Cycle for better recruiting and company culture.
  • Difference and similarities of employer branding and employer reputation.

    WOMM Podcast – Featuring Guest Matt R. Vance

    • How The Review Cycle applies to the CPG industry with product reviews.
    • How ecommerce changed after Amazon banned incentivized reviews on 10/3/16.

    Give an Ovation Podcast – Understanding The Review Cycle with Matt R. Vance

    • How The Review Cycle applies to restaurants and local retail businesses.
    • An explanation of the 4 phases of The Review Cycle